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2/13/2007 Mandy's whole life changed. Her dreams of becoming a secondary math teacher and a life in the military as an MP were gone in an instant. She was tboned by a school bus and knocked into a coma and would spend months after in recovery. Mandy ended up with a Glasgow coma score of 3. which was the lowest possible. She would end up with a severe TBI, Brain Stem Damage, right ear hearing loss, balance problems, a speech disorder known as dysarthria, and reduced use of the right side of her body.


During recovery she met a lot of different organizations and one in particular, Salute Inc helped wounded Veterans. One day after she had been released Salute Inc surprised her with a granny trike. Mandy loved being able to feel free when she was riding. Mandy would progress into a recumbent trike and later the UCI trike that she rides today.


She has competed in a couple World Cups and although she didn't podium, her times are improving. Mandy continues to improve with all the training that she is currently putting in.  Mandy hopes to represent the USA in a World Cup racing on her trike. She also has the goal of representing the USA in the paralympics, maybe as soon as Tokyo 2020.


GOAL:  she wants to shave off 15 secs per km which could allow her to place at a competition

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