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13 years ago Matt was involved in an automobile accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down.  He was told, at age 20, that he 

would never walk again.  He had been a motocross athlete for most of his life, so he transferred his "never quit" attitude to rehab. and eventually to competitive cycling.   Determination and hard work have earned him a spot on the U.S. Paralympic National Cycling Team roster. 

Matt uses his vast knowledge of his travels and biking and non-biking contacts to make his Team and independent travel a breeze.  

Peace Cycling Performance considers him an asset and a friend.



Keven was born in San Diego, CA.  He attended High Tech High School and San Diego City College. Jobs led him from Adams Avenue Bicycle and Holland Bicycle before his current career as Owner/Operator of Master Mechanics.  His network of bicycle mechanics is made of the best available.   He has years of experience and has been trusted at the World Championship and World Cup level.  Worked as lead mechanic on Challenged Athletes Foundation's Million Dollar Challenge where his affinity for adaptive cycling became evident.  It is also where he met Steven Peace, para-cyclist and PCP coach. His goal is to set himself apart with top customer service, dependability, and integrity.



Soigneur/Support Staff: 

Sara is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a specialty in neurolgic

conditions. She is her husband's number one fan and has been with Peace Cycling Performance since its inception.  Over the years, she has learned to help in race preparation and general support of the paracyclists on PCP.  When not acting as soigneur, she can be found behind the lens of her phone capturing race memories to share. 

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